Tim Giardina suspected of cheating in a casino

Tim Giardina suspected of cheating in a casinoStaff in the Caesars Entertainment owned Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs in Iowa discovered that Tim Giardina, a United States Navy Vice Admiral had been gambling with counterfeit chips. It is claimed that the chips were worth over $1500. However, details of how the casino workers became aware of this attempt to cheat have not been released. It is believed that Iowa investigators began investigating the Giardina case as early as June of this year but it was a month later before the case was passed to the United States Naval Criminal Investigation Service. Federal authorities are still carrying out a ongoing investigation into the accusations.
Tim Giardina had risen to the level of Vice Admiral and was the second in command of  American nuclear weapons at the United States Strategic Command for the past two years after a 34 year long distinguished naval career. At the beginning of September the Vice Admiral was suspended from his duties. Giardina worked in the Strategic Command in Nebraska not too far from the Caesars Entertainment owned Horseshoe Casino where the alleged cheating took place. He has been removed from duty related to nuclear submarines, aeroplanes and missiles and other nuclear operations which require security clearance. It is not known whether the Vice Admiral’s gambling activities could have compromised security in any way.According to a spokesperson for the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation they did not press charges against Giardina, they stated that the Defence Department would deal itself with the case. The outcome has been that Tim Giardina has been demoted from his position as Vice Admiral to become a two star admiral. While there are many questions remaining surrounding his involvement in this gambling scam Tim Giardina has made history as the first Vice Admiral ever in the United States to be demoted.

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