Lubeck Football Stadium bears the Pokerstars Name

Lubeck Football Stadium bears the Pokerstars NameFootball is the Germans’ favourite sport and the online poker room Pokerstars has just carried out a major poker coup with the Lubeck football stadium. Not because this team has a good position in the Bundes League but simply because it is among the only 16 Lander that have authorised online poker. In fact from the beginning of 2012 it will only be possible to play poker in the 16 Lander that have authorised it.
So the Stadion an der Lohmuhle will become the Station an der Lohmuhle.This practice is widespread among clubs in the German championship of which 13 stadiums out of 18 in the Bundes League bear a sponsor’s name such as the FC Bayern Allianz Arena, the Hamburg AOL Arena or the Dortmund Signal Iduna Park. In England there is the Arsenal Emirates Stadium.Pokerstars will spend between 100 000 and 150 000 euros a year so that the stadium will bear its name and at the same time it will gain good publicity among German fans of online poker. But this sum is tiny when compared to the Arsenal stadium which will earn no less than 147 million euros over 15 years from the Emirates airline company, which is a major financial godsend especially in these times of economic crisis. It’s true that Arsenal is one of the best English teams and that the Lubeck team is in the 4th division but even this low cost Pokerstars advertisement can only help.

Germany is beginning to legalise its online gaming market like several other European countries including Denmark. So poker fans will be able to indulge their passion but only if their Lander accepts this legalisation. Germany is one of the European countries which is trailing as regards online gaming since it hasn’t completely obeyed the European Commission laws which state that member states open up their market. Germany is still dragging its feet about completely legalising casino games, poker and sport betting but must quickly conform to the European laws.

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