Protest against the Casino in Kahnawake

Protestation against casino in KahnawakeThere has been unrest in Kahnawake ever since the Kahnawake Mohawks have wished to open a land based casino in order to generate extra income. However a part of the population doesn’t see it in the same way and has taken to the streets to show its displeasure. In fact to express their opposition to this project some Kahnawake residents went by car and on foot through the town in the rain as far as the offices of the Kahnawake group. It needs to be mentioned that the population was consulted in 1990 and 2000 by referendum on the same topic that is to open or not a casino in the reserve. Twice the population voted against this project but even so the council group is reviving the debate (see the article Kahnawake Indian Reservation wishes to have its own Casino).The anti casino group does n’t want this casino because there is one just a few kilometres away: in the city of Montreal. Also the problem of addiction is a scourge just like alcohol and drugs and the Indian reservation doesn’t want addiction to increase in the population. However the land based casino would be a real financial godsend for the Indian reservation which has made gaming one of its main centres of interest just like tobacco and alcohol which are sold at unbeatable prices.This thorny question of a new casino will be the subject of conversation for many long months while the reservation is deciding whether or not to open the actual casino. However the Kahnawake are one of the pioneers in the area of online casinos given that several online casinos hold a gaming licence from this small Indian reservation close to Montreal. On the other hand other licences such as those from Malta or Great Britain are more “sought after” and more acceptable in many countries because they are totally transparent.

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