Blackjack at a Poolside in Las Vegas

Casears Palace: blackjack at poolsideLas Vegas continually amazes the whole world with its majestic casinos with immense rooms, its thousands of slot machines and its baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps and poker tables as far as the eye can see. Gaming is everywhere in Las Vegas and it is possible to play slot machines no matter where you are… including the toilets. There are also slot machines aimed at children where instead of money they win teddy bears or other items so as to familiarise them with gaming from a young age. American casinos are not lacking in imagination and two casinos have just broken new ground: offering games of blackjack at pool sides. It’s true that tourists wish to benefit from the Nevada sunshine and don’t really bring in money to the casinos- except in the hotels- so Caesars Palace and its “Fortuna Pool” and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino have linked relaxation with gaming. In this way, players who wish to use the pool can also play blackjack without leaving the pool. So it is possible to play blackjack in these two prestigious casinos and this will probably be copied by other establishments in Sin City.

Blackjack chips rather than money

It’s not easy to use notes to play blackjack at a pool side. Special waterproof chips have been designed for this type of gaming and players can get them at the entrance to the casino or at the gaming table. Even though the blackjack table overlooks the pool comfortable armchairs allow players to play under the best conditions. On the other hand the dealers remain standing and are not in swimming costumes like the payers.American land based casinos are going through a difficult time and are suffering like others everywhere worldwide because of the economic crisis.
Apart from the Macau and Singapore casinos which are doing well, the Nevada and Atlantic City casinos are suffering especially since new casinos are opening in the United States (see the article Land Based Casinos in the State of Massachusetts). The Las Vegas casinos are permanently looking for ideas to encourage players to bet no matter where they are and the pool will probably bring in new income. It must be said that the casinos are looking for ways to increase growth and it’s not just by chance that online casinos are going to be legalised in the United States in the near future along with poker, sport betting and horse racing. “Money is money”.

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