Nevada Governor in Favour of Interstate Online Poker Agreements

Nevada Governor in Favour of Interstate Online Poker AgreementsEver since the United States Department of Justice issued a ruling at the end of 2011 which clarified that the 1961 Federal Wire Act only applied to sports betting, some of the different states have been involved in attempts to legislate for online gambling. Nevada’s Gaming Commission put regulations in place back in 2011 to set up the possibility for Nevada based companies to offer online poker.
These regulations only allow online poker within the state, other types of online gambling is not permitted.Over the past year other states such as California, New Jersey, Illinois and Delaware have discussed putting legislation in place for intrastate online gambling. Several states also have considered a partnership with Nevada as each state sets up its own regulation of online gaming but with an eye on the future when interstate gambling may be legal and there would be a very lucrative online gambling market. The 1961 Federal Wire Act forbids interstate online gambling. Several states including Nevada would prefer to have federal legislation to regulate online gambling but as this does not look as if it will happen in the near future separate states are acting alone or looking into a partnership with some others.Nevada has legislation in place that prevents interstate online gambling until federal laws governing this are passed. However recently the governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, has requested that the state Legislature debate a bill that would enable him to have agreements with other states permitting online poker. This bill, Assembly Bill 5, would replace the earlier legislation banning interstate online poker and would allow operators which provide online poker in Nevada to accept players from other states.

Eventually, there is the possibility that future legislation may even open the way to Nevada entering the global online gambling market. This new bill is before the State Legislature just a short while after an attempt by senators H. Reid and J. Kyl failed in their bid to have Congress pass federal online regulations at the end of 2012. They did not manage to present a united front before the session of Congress ended. They will continue to work on this in 2013.

The state of Nevada has issued about 20 online poker licences to operators who wish to offer online poker within the state borders.

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