Hong Kong Players Rush to Macau Casinos

The Venetian Casino MacauThe ex-Portuguese colony, Macau, has been a leader in the field of gaming for the past few years. The days of Las Vegas being the international gaming capital are over. Macau has usurped Sin City and this recent market is flourishing and very promising. In fact since it is the only Chinese territory which is able to offer cash games, Macau attracts every year many casino players and tourists who come in their millions.
Investors became aware of a good deal and built massive complexes. Sheldon Adelson is one example and he didn’t hesitate to invest 2.5 billion dollars in the Venetian Casino which has no less than 4500 slot machines and 850 gaming tables. It must be said that this casino alone is a real labyrinth and one almost needs a sat-nav to find one’s way around it.The Hong Kong Jockey Club which offers sports betting and horse racing in particular carried out a survey to discover the identity of the players. The result showed that Hong Kong residents are the most frequent players in Macau casinos. These players regularly come to Macau to satisfy their passion for gambling. In 2010 alone they bet a little under 25 billion dollars. This category of players’ great interest is mainly due to the diversity of what is available in Macau. The many prestigious hotels offer varied cuisine, concert halls, spas and exceptional shopping centres. The casinos offer a complete range of games to meet the needs of all players: slot machines, baccarat, roulette, craps, sic bo and poker tables are available in massive casinos.Macau’s strong economic growth is based on this gaming which represents great financial gain for the state. This sector provides half of the gross national product of Macau and this is the reason why Macau wants to keep its business and hold onto its place as world leader ahead of the mythical city of Las Vegas. However there is one cloud on the horizon: and that is Singapore. Several investments in gaming have been made since 2005 the date since when casinos were authorised there. The authorities there saw the opportunity to create many jobs as well as making huge profits and Sheldon Adelson, the same man, made a good investment with his Sands Marina Bay.

The gaming capitals are definitely going to become involved in a bitter battle and as we mentioned in the article “Casinos: Singapore Usurps Las Vegas”, Singapore has surpassed Las Vegas and in the coming years could usurp Macau. But one thing is sure Hong Kong residents will continue to visit the Macau casinos which are much closer than those in Singapore.

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