Reform of Online Gaming in Great Britain

Reform of Online Gaming in Great BritainIn Great Britain online gaming has been legal for many years and operators must be on a “White List” in order to legally offer their casino games, poker tournaments or sports betting. Great Britain and Malta are ahead of the rest in the area of online gaming since these two countries have legalised gaming for many years.
In contrast to France, Italy, Spain, Germany and many other European countries London and Valetta quickly opened up their markets. Malta based its market on the provision of many European gaming licences and a major part of its economy is based on online gaming and B3W software and Microgaming and Playtech casinos often have licences provided by the Maltese authorities. However Great Britain wishes to make important changes to cash games on the internet. Over the coming months, national or foreign companies who wish to offer online gaming must request a licence from the Gambling Commission. This runs the risk of causing major disruption in the gaming world and in particular among those who feature on the famous “White List”. In fact the operators licensed within the European Union and who were able to operate legally will no longer be able to do so. They must also request a licence from the British authorities to legally make their online casino and other online games available. Minister John Penrose very clearly outlines these new requirements and explains that all operators even foreign ones must hold this licence in order to offer their cash games.There are varying opinions on these new requirements.
On one side are those in favour of this new system which should lead to regulation of the system and to the prevention of illegal gaming. On the other side are those who oppose it like the Minister of the Department of Economic Development in the Isle of Man, Allan Bell, who believes they have encouraged many of the island’s online cash gaming companies and have overseen their good practice. Also they serve as a good model and the Gambling Supervision Commission which grants the licences receives much praise. The Isle of Man which was the first country to feature on the “White List” is now concerned to see its system duplicated.The British wish to align themselves with the European model of regulation of the system and this runs the risk of making a lot of noise in the online gaming industry.

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