Online Gaming: Germany drags its feet

Online casino in GermanyGermany has formally refused all requests from foreign operators to offer online betting and cash games within its borders and this has caused a wave of discontent within the online gaming industry. It must be said that this behaviour goes completely against the European regulations which envisages free movement of services within European Union member states.
France faced the same difficulties before the legalization of its online gaming market. In order to discourage players who wish to connect to online gaming sites domiciled outside Germany, Germany has put in place an inviolable system which allows access to these sites to be blocked.In reality, Germany wishes to maintain its monopoly in the cash gaming sector. It knows well that this market brings great financial gain and doesn’t wish to share the cake with anyone. But Europe doesn’t see things in the same way and didn’t delay in reminding Germany that its proposed law contravened open competition. It categorically rejected the law and asked that significant changes be made to it.As a member of the European Union, Germany has no choice but to accept European law and to follow in the path of its neighbouring countries. If it doesn’t follow the European Commission directives it risks major financial sanctions. Of all the states in the country only one, Schleswig-Holstein, claims to be in favour of the liberalisation of online cash games and this is far from being sufficient.

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) will therefore scrupulously check that the German project adheres to community law. So Germany must increase the number of online gaming licences, reduce the enormous 16.67% tax on bets and must not limit the authorisations to land based casino operators. Germany needs to set to work to follow the European directives.

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