Ontario Lottery and Gambling Corporation to set up online gambling this year

Ontario Lottery and Gambling CorporationSeven of Canada’s provinces have introduced regulated online gaming and Ontario is to join these by the end of this year. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation set in motion in 2010 the process of choosing a company to develop its online gambling sector. The site will be set up to cater specifically to online players in Ontario. It is claimed that online players in Ontario gamble about 400 million dollars each year with most of this money going to off shore internet gambling websites.
The provincial government wants to benefit from the revenue that will be generated by a regulated online gaming industry in Ontario. It is expected that online gambling could bring in up to 100 million dollars each year to the province.The  Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has closely observed the introduction of online gambling in the other Canadian provinces and given the fact that some, such as British Colombia, had problems initially, the authorities in Ontario decided to extend the time limit for offers to run the province’s online gambling operation.
The  Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation  recently announced that a company based in Britain will provide and manage its internet gambling programme. This company, Spielo G2 will begin to launch online gambling towards the end of 2013 beginning with casino games including video poker, slot machines and various table games. Then there are plans to introduce sports betting, bingo and online poker among others.There is opposition to the introduction of regulated online gambling in Ontario. Opponents claim that it will bring with it the downside of problem gambling. To combat this the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and Spielgo G2 will ensure that there will not be under age gambling and will incorporate player rests from games and will also allow players to set their own gambling limits. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has stated that it wishes to set up a safe and secure online gambling sector. Spielo G2 is an experienced company that will provide this along with a full package of gaming software as well as management provision.

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