A Defective Slot machine Deprives a Swiss Man of a Jackpot

Swiss Casino PlayerThe affair could be classifieded in the “unusual” section and serves to highlight the computer problems which can be faced by casinos. A 26 year old man from Zurich, Behar Merlaku, will always remember his visit to the Bregenz casino in Austria.
In fact this casino deprived him of the sum of 42 million euros, a jackpot the casino refused to pay out under the pretext that the slot machine was the victim of a computer bug.This young Swiss man was playing one of the casino’s slot machines when suddenly the lights and music went mad: the jackpot was won! The player couldn’t believe it and immortalised the moment with his mobile phone. He filmed this unforgettable moment of the machine in full swing. But suddenly the casino director came over and told him that the slot machine had a computer problem and so the player couldn’t receive his nest egg. It must be said that one of the employees quickly took the machine’s computer chip and disappeared like a robber who wishes to remove all traces of his crime. The frustrated player hired a lawyer and doesn’t plan on letting this go. Behar Merlaku wants the 42 million euros to be paid to him because he considers he has been cheated by the casino.However the casino management has stated that the maximum that a player can win on such a machine cannot surpass 4500 euros. Which is just a tiny amount compared to the 42 million euros displayed on the machine’s screen. To reach a million euros, it is only cumulative jackpot slot machines which are able to let players win such an amount. The player didn’t bet on such a machine but rather on a traditional slot machine. The casino did make an effort to compensate the player by offering him 70 euros as the real winnings which the slot machine should have paid out to him and also by offering him a free dinner.

This isn’t the first time that a player has been refused his winnings under the pretext that the machine was the victim of a computer problem. What could be more frustrating than to be offered 70 euros instead of millions of euros.  By putting oneself in the player’s shoes one can understand his disappointment and his anger with the casino because with such an amount of money it’s clear that this man from Zurich’s life would have changed radically. Computer problems and other bugs sometimes happen in real casinos but also in online casinos although they are rare enough. In fact it does happen that untimely power failures occur in the world of online casinos but technology makes sure that a record of the manipulations is saved in order to prevent any problems.

It goes without saying that the Swiss player won’t ever set foot in the Austrian casino in Bregenz after such a frustrating experience where he went from being a virtual millionaire to being an average real citizen.

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