Money laundering problem for Aspers Casino in the United Kingdom

Money laundering problem for Aspers Casino in the United KingdomThe British Gambling Commission recently issued advice to the Aspers UK Holdings Group after a police investigation into money laundering by a client in one of its casinos. The money laundering was carried out over quite a long period by a drug dealer and is believed to have involved up to a million pounds sterling. The Aspers group was accused of permitting the criminal to gamble an amount of over 100 thousand pounds sterling in one of the group’s casinos.

The Aspers UK Holdings group runs four land based casinos in the United Kingdom, these are in Milton Keynes, Stratford London, Newcastle and Northampton. Each casino has a different theme and the group claims that its casino complexes offer entertainment for everyone alongside casino games.The Stratford casino complex in East London is the United Kingdom’s largest casino and its first ever “super casino”. (See article: Aspers : Britain’s largest casino).
This casino has 40 roulette and blackjack tables, a poker room seating 150 players, 92 electronic gaming terminals and 150 slot machines.  The Gambling Commission criticised the Aspers group for leaving responsibility for preventing money laundering to floor staff rather than management. The Gambling Commission did however praise Aspers for its co-operation with the investigation. The casino group has now carried out a complete review of its methods of dealing with and preventing money laundering and has set in motion means of identifying this risk and acting on any suspicions of money laundering in its casinos. This year the Aspers group won the “Socially Responsible Operator of the Year, Land based” award at the International Gaming Awards for its efforts to protect its clients.
The Gambling Commission’s role is to regulate gambling in Britain and to prevent criminal elements becoming involved in the industry. It also ensures that gambling is carried out fairly and that young people and those who are vulnerable are not affected by gambling. Along with local licensing authorities, the Gambling Commission issues United Kingdom gaming licences. The Commission also will have more responsibilities when the new laws relating to online casino operators paying a point of consumption tax are in force.

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