Top 21 list of Trends in the Casino Industry in 2012

Spectrum Gaming GroupA list of the main 21 trends to affect the worldwide casino industry in 2012 has been compiled by the Spectrum Gaming Group. Spectrum Gaming Group is a gaming research and professional services group working in every area of the gaming industry from research to regulation. It works with governments, investors and gaming operators worldwide and has offices in Atlantic City, Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Macau among others. Since 2005 Spectrum Gaming Group has based its list on advances in gaming and other technology, on political change and on ongoing regulation to indicate the major trends and it constantly monitors these trends from its global offices.The Managing Director of Spectrum Gaming Group, Michael Pollock, referring to the 2012 list stated that “The three way collision of internet based technology, a soft economy and politics is reshaping the gaming industry as never before.”The top 21 list of trends for the next year covers the following broad categories: Atlantic City and Las Vegas, Asian expansion, online gaming, lotteries, legalization and expansion in the North American markets, server based gaming, sports betting and increasing use of technology by casino operators.

According to the Spectrum Gaming Group, Atlantic City will make a come back due to increased state investment. In Las Vegas operators will work on improvements to current casinos and on reducing debt rather than new construction. Competition will remain stiff as employment levels remain low. However emphasis on convention business will increase and so boost the local economy.

In Asia, the proposed gaming zone in Russia will add to development in the area by possibly becoming a major gaming region. The main American gaming resort operators will continue to develop further gaming complexes in the Asian market. (See article: “Hong Kong Players Rush to Macau Casinos”).

There will be increased pressure from states to legalise casinos and online gaming and Native American casinos will expand as well as moving into online gaming.

As for development on the internet, American land based casino operators are preparing for and awaiting the hoped for legalisation of online gaming. Also in preparation for the future legalisation of online betting, deals are being signed between off shore operators and owners of land based casinos. There may be major developments in the area of social networking and electronic gaming in particular as the two tend to converge more. Land based casinos could suffer a loss of revenue due to increased gaming in cyber cafés unless this area is more strictly regulated. The possible legalisation of internet gaming will have an impact on state lotteries and traditional games which are preparing for a move online. Server based gaming is only progressing slowly due to the cost of such an investment.

There will be pressure on the Department of Justice as more states question the fact that only four states are allowed to run sports betting.
The economic situation will affect employment and casino operators will look to the use of technology to deal with this.

So in 2012, the development of online gaming, the global economic situation and changes in political policies will greatly affect the gaming industry.

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